Computer Technical Issues Destined To Drive You Nuts

We utilize our laptops and desktops for a multitude of tasks these days — everything from our normal work duties to running our home security and smart homes, watching movies, managing our finances, perusing social media and the latest viral videos, and of course email and a horde of other chores we depend on them for.

So when we experience computer technical issues, even the most minor, they can be flabbergasting and beyond aggravating. But some of them seem to have an actual innate desire to ruin our day — like true gremlins are inside the machine plotting our demise and giggling with glee at our reddening faces.

Top 10 Maddening Computer Issues

While of course making a list of the most frustrating computer tech issues is completely subjective on our part, we think you’ll agree that these problems appear to be designed specifically to drive us absolutely insane.

First & Foremost:

Malware/Virus Infestation – Heart stopping and beyond frustrating – the malicious and nefarious users of the internet continue to torture the masses with new infections. While it is absolutely obvious that these are indeed designed to make our lives more difficult, it can be even more infuriating when your expensive and resource hogging virus protection software didn’t catch it and can’t seem to remove it.

Second In Line:

Slow or Lagging Performance – When our PCs or laptops are connected to the internet just fine and everyone else is cruising right along yet ours is imitating the dial-up days and loading pages slower than molasses, you may end up cracking some teeth from grinding them together so hard. This is multiplied exponentially when the slow performance extends to movement between apps or otherwise navigating around the computer.

A Close Second

Unknown Error Messages – Error messages can be frightening no matter what they translate to, especially when they keep popping up unexpectedly. But when those messages seem cryptic, contain some extensively long code, or there’s no explanation for the error to be found, even the most computer savvy among us can come close to screaming.

7 Other Irksome Computer Issues

In no particular order, here is the rest of our top 10:

  • Firmware/Drivers Fail To Update – This issue is not only maddening, it can be a security risk.
  • Sporadic/Unexpected System Crashes – Always seems to happen when we’re in the middle of a document that we haven’t saved in the last 10 minutes, or longer. Which of course means lost work, lost time, and even lost revenue.
  • Operating System Upgrade Issues – Updates and upgrades can be time consuming in and of themselves, but if you add in technical issues they can take up an entire day.
  • Unable to Install New Peripheral – Getting a new printer, monitor, video camera, touchpad, projector, keyboard, plotter, scanner, pen tablet, or other fantastic addition to our lives is absolutely and completely disappointing when it just won’t set up like it’s supposed to.
  • Applications Malfunctioning – Whether you can’t download, install, update, or use a desired app, issues in these areas can quickly make us question our decision to even attempt to utilize it at all.
  • Full Hard Drives – Back in the dawn of the internet, a 250gb hard drive seemed like enough to last most of us forever. And now, well, our movies, programs, apps, photos, music, and everything else we collect on our computers, a couple of terabytes can seem to be gobbled up before we know it. The annoying message reminding us over and over that space is low is enough to anger even the most ardent popup clickers out there.
  • Hardware Failure – No matter what it is, when computer hardware glitches or goes out on us completely, it can cause heart palpitations, dry mouth, and gastric distress. There’s no two ways about – computer issues SUCK!

When You Need Quality Technical Support

Of course there are a lot of companies out there offering support packages and “exclusive” deals if you contact them within a certain timeframe (usually with a nice, misleading countdown clock claiming half of your time has already expired). But many of them end up providing subpar service, longterm contracts, expensive options, unexpected recurring charges, and may or may not resolve your issue when it’s all said and done. So who can you count on?

Computer Services is located right outside of Austin, Texas and the computer technical support team is not only trained to resolve even the most annoying computer issues, they have the expertise to solve just about any issue that your computer can throw at you. Not only that, CS also has technicians available for Kindle support, router troubleshooting, wi-fi extender issues, smartphone problems, printer & scanner support, and a whole lot more!

When you call Computer Services you get access to teams that truly care and understand what true customer service really is. With a free diagnostic, resolution guarantee, service warranty, and satisfaction guarantee, they truly are the only technical support company you will ever need.

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