Computer Technical Issues That Get Under Your Skin

Computers are used for multiple tasks – from normal office work to watching movies, social media streaming or much more. Our relationship with our computer is tumultuous. When everything is working, the experience is great. But when we face computer technical issues, even the most minor, they can be frustrating and overbearing. While everyone wants their computer and devices to provide 100 % efficiency but it is not possible always. It is not difficult to troubleshoot common computer problems. You should know how to deal with computer hardware problems and fix them quickly. Here are the top 10 common computer tech issues that get under your skin.

1. Malware Attack:

Malware can damage your computer and related systems. It can happen much more quickly than you think. However, downloading a file from any website can cause malware on your computer that can damage files or slows down your PC. The anti-malware software needs to be installed on your system before it can become more dangerous.

2. Slow or Lagging Performance:

When your computer slows down or hang, it can happen due to multiple reasons. But the most common reason is related to memory and processing unit. If your computer does not have more memory, you can’t run more applications or programs concurrently. Other reason for slow performance can be missing updated or less hard drive space.

3. Blue Screen of Death:

Blue screen of death can be the scariest computer tech issues you have come across.  It is a windows related stop error. Blue screen of death is an error that indicates a serious problem related to hardware/software, driver and more. These error messages can be harmful if keep popping up unexpectedly. The error message contains an error code that can help you identify and fix your problem.

4. Outdated Firmware/Driver:

You may face many problems if your computer doesn’t have updated firmware and drivers. It is recommended to update the outdated firmware and driver to the latest one to prevent the security risk.

5. Unexpected System Crashes:

One of the computer technical issues is an unexpected system crash. If you are unable to save a file from the last ten minutes, then you may have lost your work and time. It can happen anytime, so prior preparations are essential.

6. Hard drive failure:

Hard drive failure is a serious problem as it stores all of your important data. The data can become corrupt forever due to hard drive failure.  A hard drive can fail anytime you should keep backups of your important data.

7. Applications Malfunctioning:

If you are not able to install, update, or use any application on your PC, your computer is not compatible with that application. If your computer does not meet the system requirements to run a program or application, you may experience a slowdown.

8. Overheating:

This is one of the computer hardware problems. Power flows through all the components of your computer include CPU, graphics cards & hard drive, drivers, and motherboard. Some of these can run under a little heat. When the heat grows too high, it can damage the components. Al the components of your computer need to stay within a reasonable temperature range.

9. Network Connectivity Issues:

There can be various reasons for this issue. One of the reasons for internet connectivity issues might be your ISP. There might be some problem with your ISP. Other reasons could be your router, computer, network software, and a DNS server.

10. Missing DLL File:

Another computer tech issues are DLL related error. If you receive the DLL error message every time you perform a specific function, you may have a corrupt or missing file. When your computer is unable to read a particular DLL file, it cannot respond in certain situations. You can resolve this issue by downloading the DLL files again onto your PC.

Need Technical Support to Resolve These Issues?

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