Terms and Conditions:

These are the terms of an agreement between you and WicommFi Solutions. The terms & conditions state important information regarding the use of WicommFi solutions website, WicommFi solutions support services and the relationship between you and WicommFi solutions.

WicommFi solutions may revise these terms of use and any other information contained on this website at any time, without any notice to you. You must read the terms of use carefully. By clicking Agree or using the WicommFi solutions services either as a paid subscriber or through a free trial, you acknowledge that you have read, and accept all these terms and conditions. WicommFi Solutions will provide you with use of service, including a web interface, data transmission, storage, and access.

General Conditions:

These terms of use contain important information such as how long it lasts, early termination fees, rights to change any terms, and limitation of liability. This website contains copyright information the terms of which must be followed. Certain conditions defined here are also mentioned in the Privacy Policy. Any information, software, materials, and services are collectively referred to as Content. The word ‘Material’ means downloaded areas, datasheets, FAQs, and quick reference guides that can be downloaded from the WicommFi solutions website. ‘Software’ includes any computer program which is owned by WicommFi solutions or a third party, including network security software.

License Grant & Restrictions

You may regard as a guest if you are not subscribed WicommFi services currently. You may use the website that is specifically designated for guests. As a guest, you may use the WicommFi solutions services for the limited purposes of deciding whether to subscribe to the WicommFi services, registering with WicommFi solutions, and submitting plan orders.

Refund Policy

A full refund will be issued to customers if WicommFi solutions would not be able to resolve their issues within 15 days of subscription. This is the case for subscription-based plans. Please see the tab entitled Refund Policy.

Privacy Policy

If you have not read the WicommFi Services Privacy Policy, then see the tab entitled Privacy Policy. You must read the Privacy policy before you agree to the terms and conditions. You agree that beyond the PII (Personal Information Identified) in the Privacy Policy, any information or data sent to WicommFi solutions through telephone, e-mail, or electronically is not confidential.

Communication Services

WicommFI solutions services include the use of e-mail services, messaging services, chat areas, forums, communities, newsgroups, and other message or communication facilities that enable you to communicate with WicommFi solutions support team. Communication services will be used only under a planned order, and not for any other purpose.

Third Party Agreement

WicommFi solutions may suggest you certain third-party services. If you subscribe to any third party services, you must agree to the terms and conditions set by the third party service provider. You agree to follow the third party service provider’s terms of use and accept that the third party service provider is only responsible for the delivery of its services to you. Third party services may include, technical support, website, training, storage that WicommFi solutions may choose to make available to you from time to time.

Limited Service Warranty

WicommFi solutions and its Licensors make no warranty and guaranty as to the quality, suitability, timeliness, availability, accuracy, or completeness of the services. WicommFi solutions do not warrant that the use of the services will secure, error-free, and will meet your expectations.


WicommFi solutions have the right to change the terms of service. You are responsible for checking the WicommFi solutions website on a regular basis to look for any changes to the term & conditions.

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