When Should You Contact Technical Support?

There is almost nothing more frustrating than encountering tech issues – and I mean with any device! Whether it’s a computer malfunction, a temperamental printer, a misbehaving smartphone, or even a glitchy Kindle, when our connected devices suddenly decide to become mischievous they can totally ruin a morning. And even your whole day or week if the technical issue is bad enough.

Then on top of that frustration, calling tech support can be even more vexing. Rude customer service agents, outlandish fees, less-than-stellar (to say the least) technical support, and questionable sales tactics — not to mention the lovely reps that talk down to you like you’re too stupid to even own the device. Does anyone even know the definition of customer service anymore?

So when technical issues frustrate you beyond belief, when do you draw the line and call support? And then the big question — who in the world do you call for reliable support? We’ve put together this short reference to help you decide the answer to those questions so continue reading to learn more.

The One Troubleshooting Step That Many People Forget

No matter what device you’re most in love with or how well it performs, every piece of technology is subject to the occasional malfunction. While your first instinct may be to scream in frustration or bang your hand, or maybe even your head, against the side of the device, many people forget a simple step that can help resolve a multitude of issues.

Turn the device off!

No, we’re not trying to make some sort of statement here. We simply mean that instead of doing a basic restart, completely shut the device down for 2 – 3 minutes and then power it back up and recheck the issue. Whether it’s a smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, Kindle, wi-fi router, extender, smart watch, or any other connected or smart device – a complete shutdown can resolve a lot more issues that you’d ever suspect..

Calling Technical Support

When a power-off doesn’t take care of the problem and it starts persisting to the point of aggravation or actually interfering with your work or income, it is probably time to get expert help. But who the heck has the time to scour the internet for helpful articles or videos or actually physically taking the device in to a technician or repair shop? And how many hours of your life have been spent on hold waiting for technical support?

So in our time-strapped and tech-dependent lives when should we bite the bullet and call support? If you experience any of the following issues, you should probably find a reliable tech support company:

  • Software/Operating System/App Update Issues
  • Connectivity Problems
  • New Setup Difficulties
  • Data Loss
  • Unable to Synch Devices/Information/Accounts
  • Unexpected Sporadic Power Loss Or Power Cycles
  • Unknown Error Messages/Codes
  • Virus/Malware/Malicious Content Removal
  • Firmware/Driver Issues
  • Device Overheating
  • Unresponsive/Frozen Devices
  • Slow Performance
  • Other Issues That Power Off Did Not Resolve

Reliable Technical Support

It can be difficult to find true tech support experts that are reliable, affordable, trustworthy and value the customer experience. Searching for a company that specializes in troubleshooting issues with your specific device can even be harder, especially with so many misdirecting websites and questionable companies out there.

So when you find a great company that is not only affordable but has highly trained technical support available for just about any device that you own, it’s time to save a new contact. And that’s what you get when you contact Hello Computer Services – reliable technicians for every connected piece of technology in your life.

Visit the website for more information or call right now at 1800-810-8012. Visit the website for more information or call right now at 1800-810-8012 to schedule a call back for a free consultation and diagnostic for your smartphone, router, computer, printer, wi-fi extender, Kindle, eReader, or any other device. With a resolution guarantee, a 30-day service warranty, and satisfaction guarantee, you’re never going to need another tech support company.

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