Why Isn’t My Wi-Fi Extender Working?

With building designs and increased wireless traffic overall, having a wi-fi extender in both your office and home is almost a necessity. Without them, users sometimes experience sporadic connections, frequent drops, fluctuating speeds, and plenty of frustration.

While they are fantastic tools and help alleviate those aggravating issues, when they malfunction and you need to resolve it quickly, how do you know when you can resolve it on your own and when you need to call for extender technical support?

Common Causes of Connection Issues

There are several factors that can cause unstable or intermittent wireless connections between your wi-fi extender and your devices. Here are a few of the average causes and how you can possibly resolve them.

Incorrect Wireless Settings – The extender’s wireless settings have to match the wireless settings of your router, otherwise it cannot connect to your wireless network. To resolve this extender issue you will need to check the wireless settings of your router and extender and adjust as necessary.

Distance – Because they utilize radio technology, when the distance between devices increases, connectivity between wireless devices decreases. You need to ensure that the extender is close enough to the router and also understand that your connection speed may decrease as you move your device farther from the wi-fi extender.

Interference – Your wireless network is also susceptible to obstructions that may lead to a low signal because the signal often gets refracted, reflected, redirected, or absorbed by that obstruction. Common sources of interference are; neighboring wireless networks, 2.4 GHz cordless telephones, bluetooth devices, wireless baby monitors, and microwave ovens. To resolve this problem, simply change the SSID and channel on your router and try using channels 1, 6, 9 or 11 since they are considered to be “non-overlapping” channels.

Excessive Wireless Traffic – Determine whether you have another device that is producing a lot of traffic on the wireless network. This can quickly become a “resource hog” that diminishes the performance of other devices on the network. Consider moving those type of devices closer to the extender or wire them directly to the router via ethernet cable.

Firmware – With outdated firmware, your wi-fi extender can cause connection issues and to resolve this you’ll need to upgrade the device’s firmware as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, The Simplest Answer Is What You Need

You may be surprised, but when it comes to wi-fi range extender troubleshooting one of your best tools is a simple power cycle of the home network. Other times you may simply need to locate the extender wi-fi network password, or just change the location of the extender. Always start with the easy-to-do steps and then if you’re still experiencing extender technical issues, Hello Computer Services has the expertise and answers you need.

Calling Technical Support Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

These days many of us dread calling any sort of tech support, no matter if it’s for our smartphones, computers, printers, wi-fi range extender, or other internet related or connected device. Rude agents, expensive support packages, long-term contracts, and on and on. But that’s why Hello Computer Services is shining so bright in the support industry.

No matter if you’re calling for extender technical support or help with any number of other devices, we provide a free diagnostic, a resolution guarantee, a 30-day service warranty, and a satisfaction guarantee. That’s right — ALL of that PLUS you’re going to deal with customer service professionals and tech support experts that are determined to fully resolve your issue and ensure that when you get off the phone with us, you’re 100% satisfied.

No contracts! No hidden fees! No excessive holds!

Your internet router and wi-fi extender are extremely important to your daily life these days and when you need tech support, you need it now. Our extender tech support team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at one low price and with all the guarantees listed above.

It’s time to say Hello “Computer Services”, Goodbye “Frustration”

Call 1800-810-8012 to get started

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